Portfolio Update: August & September 2020

After a busy month where I could not find the time to write a post about my portfolio performance, I decided to combine the August and September performance in one post. It still surprises me how the market is moving and how my portfolio moves through these turbulent times. With a fourth quarter ahead ofContinue reading “Portfolio Update: August & September 2020”

Investment Theme: Core Value

In the construction of your portfolio you need to think about diversification. I also believe that minimizing downside risk in the core of your portfolio is key to solid risk-adjusted returns. That is why I want to start my series of investment themes with the one I personally started with: core value. Academically speaking, theContinue reading “Investment Theme: Core Value”

Portfolio Update: July 2020

The first time I shared a portfolio update on Twitter, I actually thought it was pretty scary as I felt that I had to defend all my investment decisions. Right now I see the positive side of this process as it incentivizes me to really think about my investment decisions. So here we go forContinue reading “Portfolio Update: July 2020”