My Top 5 Best and Worst Investments

The world of social media is one of glitter and glamor. Everyone shows their portfolio returns when they are positive, and seems to shun them when they are negative. Nothing is new to human nature in this regard. Success sells. I mean, who is going to follow someone who makes bad investment decisions over andContinue reading “My Top 5 Best and Worst Investments”

Portfolio Update: October 2020

There are a lot of ideas on my desk to write blog posts about. Specifically, I want to be able to focus more on in depth stock analyses. Yet, I still want to provide you with updates on what I do with my own portfolio as I believe it is important to show you whatContinue reading “Portfolio Update: October 2020”

Surfing on the Market’s Waves with Flow Traders

Investment Themes: Core Value, Hedge Imagine you have built a stock portfolio over several decades. You already rely on the dividend income provided by the portfolio. Then, the coronavirus happened. Because of the economic disruption your income declines and you will have to find new ways to cover your expenses. What if there was aContinue reading “Surfing on the Market’s Waves with Flow Traders”

Winter is Coming

Incredible. The coronavirus has already been among us for almost a full year. Research shows that the virus may have originated in China as early as November 2019. In January and February 2020 cases spread across the world, most notably in Italy, where the first lockdowns occurred following the successful approach in China. Other countriesContinue reading “Winter is Coming”

Portfolio Update: August & September 2020

After a busy month where I could not find the time to write a post about my portfolio performance, I decided to combine the August and September performance in one post. It still surprises me how the market is moving and how my portfolio moves through these turbulent times. With a fourth quarter ahead ofContinue reading “Portfolio Update: August & September 2020”

HelloFresh: A Blue Ocean in Food Delivery

Investment Themes: Core Value Since the world has been in the grip of the coronavirus, a lot of new investment ideas popped up. Most of these have been focused on e-commerce and software platforms. One of these investment ideas is HelloFresh ($HFG.DE), a meal delivery company based in Germany with operations in Europe, North AmericaContinue reading “HelloFresh: A Blue Ocean in Food Delivery”

Investment Theme: Core Value

In the construction of your portfolio you need to think about diversification. I also believe that minimizing downside risk in the core of your portfolio is key to solid risk-adjusted returns. That is why I want to start my series of investment themes with the one I personally started with: core value. Academically speaking, theContinue reading “Investment Theme: Core Value”

Portfolio Update: July 2020

The first time I shared a portfolio update on Twitter, I actually thought it was pretty scary as I felt that I had to defend all my investment decisions. Right now I see the positive side of this process as it incentivizes me to really think about my investment decisions. So here we go forContinue reading “Portfolio Update: July 2020”