An Ode To Taxes

I have been on Money Twitter for about a year now. It fascinates me to see how everybody in the community sees taxes as a bad thing. When given the opportunity everyone tries to minimize their tax rate. As a Dutch citizen I have found out – partially thanks to Money Twitter – that IContinue reading “An Ode To Taxes”

The Hype Premium and The Fraud Discount: Tesla, Nikola and Nano-X

The stock market has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, and especially the past few months. The average Joe, in my opinion, does not have the patience to wait five or more years for good stock returns. Many of these investors are only satisfied with the next multi-bagger, with especially theContinue reading “The Hype Premium and The Fraud Discount: Tesla, Nikola and Nano-X”

Amazon: King of the Story Stocks

Everyone has been talking about Amazon for years now. The stock has been one of the prime (pun intended) examples to show that making big losses in the beginning is not a bad thing, because they can turn into huge profits in the long-term. This narrative has been the key reason why small companies makingContinue reading “Amazon: King of the Story Stocks”